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I believe that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. It is where you can create meals to bond with your family and friends over, make a romantic dinner with that special someone, and teach your children recipes handed down through generations of your family. With that said, special attention should be paid to what exactly it is you put in your kitchen. Today I’m here to make a couple of recommendations for you. One is more of an aesthetic product, and the other is more practical. But both are necessary to have a pleasing and functional kitchen.

Crate And Barrel Wine Racks: Any kitchen worth its weight will have a fine selection of wines available for any guests who happen to drop by. Of course you don’t want to have these bottles shoved in the back of a pantry to where they have to be dug out, but you don’t just want them strewn about your counter either. So go grab a couple of crate and barrel wine racks to house your collection. There are many options available for how big you want your rack to be. Note that most wine racks hold in multiples of six.

Technique Cookware Products: You’ll need a nice meal for your wine to go along with, and what better way to  prepare that meal with a brand new set of cookware! I recommend at least a seven piece set, although a ten or eleven piece set would be ideal. A stainless steel set is best for cooking more acidic foods and sauces, and can be washed in the dishwasher. On thee other hand, a cast iron set can hold a more even temperature and is best for frying, but must only be rinsed and coated with oil after every use.

There you have it, two simple items that can turn a simple kitchen into a culinary center!


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