Go green by using biodegradable disposable litter box


extra large disposable litter boxes, scotch litter trap mat

Pet litter means odor and germs, if a proper disposable solution is not sought. And for those who have multiple pets, especially cats or a large feline need extra large disposable litter boxes. Basically these litter boxes are a greener solution to the commercial plastic ones available in the market, which are toxic and non-biodegradable.

With these disposable litter boxes in extra large size you save space and get a more compact storage solution. These boxes are especially equipped to emit fresh herbal scent, even as it controls the odor from the litter. The Jumbo WonderBox is super-durable and doesn’t leak, tear or shred with regular usage, unlike many of the other litter boxes.

It is the only disposable littler box that is biodegradable and has a hard-sided liner. You can use it for almost a month and then simply get rid of it for a fresher, cleaner and new one. But you don’t have to feel guilty about adding to environment waste. The biodegradable box is eco-friendly and yet light on your pocket, especially as they require regular replacements.

Scotch litter trap matIf you don’t want something that is extra large or if your feline tends to litter all over the place then you may consider getting the Scotch litter trap mat. This mat comes with thousands of litter-grabbing loops, which can eliminate, trap and capture all kinds of litter and debris from the paws of your cat.

It is an effective solution to keep the house clean of both litter and dirt, without taking or blocking too much space. Since it is soft and pleasant to touch, you don’t have to worry about your cat avoiding the mat and wiping its feet on that expensive rug. All you have to do is place it at the backyard door or the front porch so your pet enters the house all clean!

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