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Watches have always been a big part of men’s fashion as they say a lot about the one’s personality. They are the perfect accessory to really show people your values and what you are about. They can function as an expression of wealth, fashion, or even of your career, manifesting itself as a physical sample of how you want people to view you. Check out these three top watch brands and what they say about those who wear them:


While Gucci is known for many things in the fashion world besides watches, their luxury watches have been included in any top list you will find. These particularly fashionable watches are known for their beauty and class, perfect for matching will sophisticated and refined tastes and attires. Items like Gucci g-timeless rose gold diamond watch provide a classic look while maintaining its chic style that Gucci is known for. Gucci watches tell others that you care about fashion and are perfect for those looking to impress others who share a love for fashion.


The word “movado” translates into “always in motion,” emphasizing Movado commitment to craftsmanship. While other brands like Gucci rely on their branding to sell watches, Movado watches attempt to persuade customers through their technology and design, providing their clients with fantastically precise timepieces. A Movado watch shows that its wearer is more interested in a quality wristwatch which combines both technology and a classic, modern look. The Movado museum watch collection is particularly chic, being the latest design in their illustrious collection.


It is no secret that Rolex is one of, if not the most known brand of watches on the market. Often times you will run into both arguments for and against Rolex watches, but the truth is that they are in fact remarkable timepieces that have unfortunately garnered a negative reputation by some simply because they are TOO popular. Rolex watches have become the archetype for many other brands, serving as a basis of inspiration for many.

Picking out the right watch is an important accessory for any man, so make sure you spend the time to find the right fit for you.

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