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Tote bags have really come back in style these past few years! Once popular at the turn of the century, totes can be confidently said to be in a full fledged comeback, and if you’re not part of this growing trend, you really need to be. The fact is totes are a simple and easy way to carry around the essentials in your life, while often being a more casual yet still classy alternative to the every day purse or clutch. Tote bags are the perfect combination of easy going satchels and more refined bag designs, making them a great choice for women in any walk of life. Read on to learn about some great tote bags that will really serve to enhance your outerwear wardrobe.

The Long Tote

long champ tote bagA great example of this style is the long champ tote bag. This is different from a typical bag because it has an intentionally elongated design that hearkens back to a sort of art deco look from the earlier half of the 20th century. This type of bag also has enough modern features to separate it from any overly anachronistic references. Give the long tote a shot for a walk around town or an afternoon trip to the cafe.

The Large Tote

Bueno large bags and totes  are a fun take on the trend of the “monster purse” that has become popular with girls and women of all ages. The difference between these and the behemoths sported by many are the kitschy design features that make it an absolute standout product. In today’s eco-conscious world, the large tote can also serve as a fun and stylish reusable shopping bag that’s great for groceries and clothing purchases alike. It’s also an ideal type of bag for the woman who lives her life on the go.

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