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one terabyte computer, toshiba l755-s5170With all the pictures we take, the things we download, the music we listen to, and the applications we run, our computers need to have enough memory to store all this information. When memory storage is tight removing old files you no longer need sometimes does the trick, but sooner or later you’re going to need to hold on to some of those old files. It would be nice if you had so much memory on your computer that you didn’t have to worry about gigabytes or megabytes. A one terabyte computer will quickly remedy your fears of running out of storage on your computer.

To put that amount of memory into perspective, a terabyte is 1,000,000,000,000 (a trillion) bytes, or over 1,000 gigabytes. For a home computer this is more than enough storage. My laptop has 80 gigabytes, and despite having to clean it out from time to time I get by just fine. Purchasing an external hard drive is always a solution to adding more space, but convenience can be a problem. I purchased an external hard drive some time ago and I find it to be a pain when I have to take out, set it up, then plug it in. It would be so much easier to just have a computer with so much memory you never have to worry about it.

If one terabyte is too much memory for you then consider some of the following laptops:

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when having 100 gigabytes of memory was considered  a lot of memory. Now you can’t find anything less than 200 gigabytes in standard models. Some can even be customized to hold up to 500 gigabytes without spending too much money. Make sure your next computer has more than enough memory to meet all of your needs.

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