Accent your home with statement-making rugs


Colorful puzzle piece area rug, Goa geometric rugs

While traditional rugs with a symmetrical floral design and a patterned border are always a classic, they can also be somewhat predictable, safe or even generic. If you’re inclined to make a statement with your decor, an easy way to give an uninspired home some personality and a modern edge is by swapping out those traditional rugs for something more bold and contemporary. Here are a couple of options you can try:

For a kid’s room: a colorful puzzle piece area rug

First and foremost, a kid’s room should be fun – and a great way to make it fun is by adding a colorful puzzle piece area rug. When choosing a rug, go for one with puzzle pieces in numerous colors – the more colors, the better. When it’s time to choose a color scheme for the rest of the room, you’ll have plenty of ways you can match the rug with the bedding, curtains and furniture.

For the rest of the house: Goa geometric rugs

While a puzzle piece rug works best in kids’ rooms, a great way to spread the contemporary look throughout the rest of the house is by adding Goa geometric rugs to the other rooms. Surya’s Goa Collection offers rugs with asymmetrical designs and sharply contrasting color pairings. One great look features oversize circles placed in an asymmetrical arrangement. In addition to geometric styles, the Goa Collection offers a zebra print rug in basic black and white, which is virtually impossible to clash with the rest of your living room. For a more unique take on the traditional floral print, you can also try a style with extra large flowers.

If you’ve been contemplating adding some flair to your understated home, give these rugs a try and let us know how it looks!

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