Redecorate your bedroom with king pillow shams


king pillow shams, norwood comforters

Doing up your bedroom with matching pillowcases and shams can instantly add new life to the place. And you can do this very effectively without having to spend a small fortune. Take a look at some attractive pillow shams to jazz up your bedroom:

King pillow shams

1. Pillow shams are decorative pillows that you can use to cover regular pillows. They’re generally open at the back in the middle where you can insert the pillow to give a uniform edge on all the sides. Since beds are the focal point in bedrooms, highlighting them with attractive comforters and matching pillow shams can change the entire look of your bedroom. Pearl pillow shams from JC Penny come in coordinating sets with an all-over floral print that looks bright and cheerful. You can choose from king or standard sizes to suit your requirements.

2. Pillow shams are generally placed behind regular pillows with pillowcases while sleeping or removed from the bed and placed aside. You can go in for elaborately designed and decorative shams and place them in front of the pillows in pillowcases once the bed is made for a well put together look.

3. A lot of decorative pillows don’t withstand washing. That’s why it’s good to buy washable pillow shams for your pillows as they look decorative for a longer time, especially if you’ve gone in for matching comforter and pillow sham sets. Intricately designed pillow shams may sometimes require careful handling and hand washing for durability.

king pillow shams Norwood comforters

1. Remodeling your bedroom is easy with the right comforter set. Sets normally include a comforter, pillow shams and a bed skirt.  A simple method to redoing your room is to clear out all clutter and make your bed the focal point with the right comforter set. And bingo!  You’ve “redecorated” your room instantly.

2. Use a sophisticated Norwood reversible and embroidered comforter set. The comforter is attractively designed with a tree pattern on one side and a striped pattern on the other side. This way you can have two different looks to suit your mood.

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