Make a style statement with a leather pearl bracelet


leather or macrame pearl bracelet, fleur de lis pendant

Bracelets can help you look stunning for special occasions. You can match them with different garments every day to complete the look. Some bracelets can be a memorable gift item. Here are different types of bracelets you can gift or wear.

  • Hoop bracelets

These bracelets come with interlocked hoops or ring designs. They may feature hoops of similar or different sizes knotted together. For a more attractive look, you can accentuate some hoop bracelets. You can go for single, double or triple hoop bracelets. Hoop earrings can perfectly complement these bracelets.

  • Beaded bracelets

As the name suggests beaded bracelets are made with beads. You can go for bracelets having similar or different colored beads. These bracelets are really popular nowadays. Made of plastic, glass, metal or wooden beads, these bracelets give you a sophisticated look. If you want a unique option, you can choose beaded bracelets made of coral, pearls, gold and silver beads. Play a little with shapes and get a bracelet with circular, oval, button like or even irregular shaped beads.

You can consider leather or macrame pearl bracelets for a graceful look. Some of these stunning wrap bracelets are a combination of the timeless allure of hill tribe jewelry and a bold sense of originality. They come with a sleek leather strap designed to wrap around your wrist. They feature clasps having hill tribe silver motifs like flowers and shells.

  • Charm bracelets

Charms can be used in pendants, ear rings and bracelets. Available in a variety of designs, they can signify important things of a wearer’s life. You can opt from alphabet, insect, floral, religious, birthstone, travel and professional charms. Many celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Walt Disney have been seen wearing such bracelets at various events. You can wear fleur de lis pendants with these bracelets. You can choose gold, silver or black metal pendant as per your choice.





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