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Printers have been around for a couple generations now, adding more and more features every few years. Nowadays, most printers come with a built in scanner, copier, and or fax capabilities, but one component of the modern printer remains mysteriously underdeveloped: the ink cartridge.

As one of the only pieces of the printer than needs to be replaced once in awhile, this expensive item is often one of the most common causes for headaches in modern printers. In some cases, the printer cartridge replacement even costs more than the actual printer, making it paramount to conserve your ink. The average ink cartridge runs from the $10 hp 722c ink to the $80 hp ch623bn, but if you want to save some hard-earned cash on this often unexpected expense, check out these tricks to maximize your ink cartridge.


Fonts are often an overlooked cause of wasteful printing, but the type of font you use can dramatically change the lifespan of your ink cartridge. Of the thousands of fonts available, three fonts stand out as the most accepted: Times New Roman, Calibri, and Arial. Studies have found that both Times New Roman and Calibri will allow you to print around an average of 100 pages more than its Arial font rival, so switch your word processor’s default over to them and what your ink cartridge life grow.

Grayscale vs. black ink only

Most word processing programs default your printing color to “grayscale,” which gives your printer more flexibility in using both your color and black ink cartridge. What most individuals do not realize is that even if you are printing in black font only, your printer will still use a little bit of ink from the color ink cartridge when printing. To avoid this simply change your color settings to “black ink only.”

Review before printing

This tip make be obvious to most but make sure your review your document before you print it. Repeat and duplicate printing jobs are the leading culprit of killing your ink cartridges lifespan. A simple solution to this problem is the “Print Preview” feature which allows you to sample what your document will look like after it is printed.

Using these tips and tricks will be sure to make your ink cartridge last longer and help you avoid those annoying trips to the office supply store to buy more expensive ink cartridges.

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