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express men's sleeveless sweater vest, men cashmere sweater, wool mad bomber hats for menIt’s almost Spring but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still chilly out. In fact, it is still freezing for many of us. If you haven’t finished buying all of your winter accessories, now is a great time to do so. I love the chillier months because it is a great time to layer up and look great! For me, dressing warm is about comfort as much as it is about style. I like to use a nice, soft sweater for my base layer. Any mens cashmere sweater will do the trick. Read on to find out the rest of my ensemble!

Having a nice cashmere sweater is perfect for on top of my base layer because it provides warmth and is extremely soft. I can throw on a light jacket on top or a heavier jacket for those extra chilly days. When it is a bit warmer I sometimes go for a sleeveless vest like an express men’s sleeveless sweater vest. These are great for golfing too because you can stay fairly warm while also having full mobility of your upper body for swings. They also look great off the course as well. With an express men’s sleeveless sweater vest I can choose to wear a collared shirt underneath as well if I want to go a little more formal.

For those especially cold days and nights I need to keep my head warm. If I can I wear a beanie, but sometimes that just isn’t warm enough. When this is the case, I would recommend any wool mad bomber hats for men. These bomber hats are especially warm. If they were warm enough to keep those fighter pilots warm at freezing temperatures then they are certainly warm enough for me. I even wear mine when I go snowboarding as well. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it so I know that it’s not just me that thinks it looks good!

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