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Photo Earrings - Buddha | Fluid Forms (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fluidforms/4887290553/ ) via creativecommons.com


Looking for an exclusive gift for your Buddhist family and friends? What better than some modern Buddha jewelry? There is an exquisite range of styles that are available. A Buddhist accessory is the ideal way for one to complete their look!

While there are several people who feel that some well obtained Buddhist jewelry can assist in purifying physique and thoughts, there are others who feel it helps in gain well being and enlightenment! However at the other end of the spectrum some of these modern pieces of jewelry can actually make you look stunning and different from the crowd.

Ranging from charms to earrings, beads to necklaces there is a wide variety of styles that you can explore from. Whether it is a formal or an informal occasion, you can sport some Buddhist jewelry to look stunning.

A lotus is one of the most essential and unique symbols of Buddha. 24K gold or sterling silver are common options. Did you know you could get one from a beautiful jade stone as well? Interestingly even the five elements earth, fire, ether, water and air have pendants, earrings and other pieces molded in varying materials. Try a deep bronze for an exquisite look!

If you want something for your neck, there is nothing better than the symbol of a prayer wheel. It looks both striking and symbolic. The options are immense. For instance, my dear daughter loves to wear cute little pendants on her slim neck. As it is the year of the dragon, I invested in a gold cute Chinese gold dragon pendant for her. It looks absolutely adorable. Why don’t you try one as well?

Are you looking for something popular as well as beautiful? Consider the “Om Mani Padme Hum” symbol. It is a beautiful addition to anybody’s jewelry collection. If worn with grace and style, it would look absolutely spectacular!

Written by Ruby Lancer

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