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Finding the right bar stool for your counter top can be a make tougher decision than most think. While most think of bar stools as cheap wood stools at the local dive bar, bar stools have come a long way in both design and quality, making it an excellent option to fit in even the most chic of rooms. When buying bar stools, the most important feature to factor in (other than aesthetics of course) is the comfort of the actual stool. While the definition of comfort can change person to person, here is a quick guide to finding the most comfortable bar stools for your home.

Make sure it fits

The first element towards having a comfortable bar stool is making sure that it is the right size and height. Nothing is worse than trying to squeeze your legs under a counter top so you can sit properly. In contrast, you also want to ensure that you are not too low in relation to the counter top, otherwise you the feeling that you need a booster seat. To ensure proper room for one’s legs make sure your bar stool gives around 10” to 12” inches between the bottom of the counter top and the top of the stool.

Who will be sitting on it?

Taking into account who will be sitting in the stool is another critical aspect of purchasing a comfortable bar stool. For kids, it is a good idea to get a bar stool that is easy for them to get up on and is secure once they are up there. Stools with low or full-backing provide more support and are a good idea for any home full of youngsters. For adults, if you entertain lots of guests, it is wise to invest in swivel bar stools, making it easier for the casual guest to interact with the entire room with ease. If you have a lot of traffic around your bar stools, consider getting kitchen round rugs to ease the wear on your floor.

The right material

Bar stools coming in a variety of different materials, ranging from your basic wood and metal stools to more the more unique acrylic and bamboo stools. If your plan on spending lots of time on your bar stools, fabric covered stools are your best bet as the extra cushion provides excellent comfort. Stools without any fabric on the seat can also be very comfortable, but make sure to test it out before you buy it as comfort varies person to person.

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