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toddler cd player, toddler book display

Every parent wants their child to be smart and learn fast. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Not only do you have to talk and interact with your child, you need to make sure that the activities your child participates in encourage learning and growth.

Picking the right toys and items for your child’s playroom can help encourage them learn. Invest in some nursery rhyme cd’s and get a toddler cd player. Play the different cd’s when you are playing with your child in the playroom. It will help them learn new words and rhythm. If you get a toddler-friendly cd player, they can change and put on their own cd’s with a little help from you.

If you’re not sure what types of cd’s to have available for your toddler, try songs that promote learning about animals, abc’s or numbers. The classic nursery rhymes that you listened to when you were a child are good too. You could also have read-a-long cd’s to go with picture books to get them reading early.

Another important activity for your toddler is reading books! Obviously you need to read to your child as often as possible. Having a toddler book display in your playroom will allow your child to see the pictures in the book and encourage them to pick something to read.

Sometimes parents get a little bit busy, so if you are on the phone or trying to get a little last minute work done, your toddler can play and dance to music or look at the pictures in their books. Everything will be at your toddler’s fingertips and these items encourage learning at the same time. Having a variety of items for your child to play with is important, so that they have many ways to learn about different things.

Written by Urma Tindall

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