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Personalized baptism bibs, Infant dress gown

Clothes for religious events like baptism can often be restrictive to the occasion. It is indeed a waste if your darling just wears the outfit once! Wouldn’t it be great to pick angelic garments that can be doubled for parties, birthdays or other celebrations too!

Also, comfort is another factor that should be kept in mind. Pick romper outfits and suits that are versatile and practical for your little one. Your baby may look like an angel with all that frill, but is it comfortable enough for them?

There are tons of outfits and accessories out there that can be used for christening and be used later too. Here are a few sensible choices that you can check out:

1. Personalized baptism bibs

I came across one of these at a friend’s baby’s christening ceremony. These bibs features an elegantly embroidered cross in white thread that is perfect for the ceremony. It comes with delicately embroidered 2-line personalization available in 15 thread colors. You can opt for either intricate lace or subtle twisted cord detail around the edge. So, you add that ceremonial touch to the entire outfit, without spending a fortune. And of course, you prevent any spills on that gorgeous dress too!

Infant dress gown

2. Infant dress gown

Opt for an angelic white dress gown for infants, which you can also use for her costume parties and other similar occasions. Also, pick a slightly bigger size for the gown so that your little one doesn’t outgrow it very soon.

3. Headbands and hats

Cute little headbands and hats complete the entire look. They are also a practical option to keep your baby’s hair in place as she poses for the camera! You can pick from lacy white ones or go for the glossy satins with a touch of color.

So, happy christening with these feasible dressing tips!

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