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garden hose pot, wrought iron glider

 With the coming of every spring season, home owners pull out their trusted garden hose to use for yet another long summer. Garden hose is definitely an equipment that no green yard or garden can do without. However, one problem that arises is, as to where to store this 50 or 100 feet long hose?

Most people keep their hose reel next to the house so that their garden looks organized. However, there is a more decorative method for storage. There are pots to hide hoses in! These pots look like decorative pieces or simply like the other pots in the yard. But instead of having soil in them, there are coils of the hose.

You can find these pots in a variety of materials these days. The most sought after pots are the ones made from copper. There are others made in fiberglass and clay as well. You can choose the one that best suits the exterior of your house. For example, brick homeowners can go for a bold colored one, with colors like burgundy or blue. This is sure to compliment the outdoor appearance of their home. You can also opt for decorative stonework or terra cotta hose pots for a more classy or traditional look. If your favorite happens to be ceramic, you can get the same in several beautiful colors and get the right taste.

Another one beautiful way to add a touch of class to your home would be to have wrought iron gliders. A wrought iron glider is an elegant addition to garden, porch or outdoor-indoor living space. It is a beautiful and functional addition that can range from $150 to $1000. This is basically a couch that allows you to glide smoothly back and forth making it a comforting and relaxing time for you.

Gliders can be easily moved from one place on your porch to another. This gives an increasing edge to your decorating and placement options.

So wait no longer. Make your porch more inviting and add touch of class. Get a garden hose pot and a good old fashioned porch glider and surprise your neighbor this year!

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