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pintuck comforter, blue striped comforter

Your bedroom is your personal haven of retreat. Spending your most relaxed moments for nearly one third of your life should naturally be a place of ultimate luxury. The focal point of your bedroom is surely your bed. Therefore as we speak about luxury, the comfort of bed and bedding is the foremost thing that comes to mind.

As we are talking of comfort and luxury of bed, it includes everything from mattress to sheets and, from quilts to comforters. Mattress is the base and a four inch memory padding on your mattress will make your bed truly majestic. Then comes the bed sheets. The thread count of the bed sheets will determine the luxury of your bed. Generally a sheet has around a 90 thread count but a thread count of 300 is more luxurious.

As we go ahead with our luxury bed, the next in line is a nice quilt or comforter for your bed. You could choose silk, wool, synthetic polyester or down feather quilts. There also are hypoallergenic bed linens for those who suffer from allergies. Going for any of these options would make great choice. You may consider going for pintuck comforter to add grace and elegance. The pintuck stitching creates a dimension and a style giving your room the much wanted look.

Since bedroom is a place where we seek serenity and calmness, I suggest you go for a blue color theme. The color promotes these qualities and helps you sleep well. You can reinvent your bedding collection with a cool blue striped comforter. This kind of bedding collection brings in a fresh and tailored look to your bedroom décor. To add luxury, you can go for comforters in embroidered flowers and stripe finish. This will lend your room an opulent look.

Now complete your luxury bedroom with several different sizes and shapes of pillows. Make your bedroom the most wonderful place because it is not just about sheets and comforters, it is about creating the feelings through these means!

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