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Backpacks are an essential accessory of any school-going student. It’s what you carry all your belongings in; pens, pencils, term papers, text books and of course laptops. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable bag with you in some of the most important years of your life. When I went to college, I had one backpack that I kept with me for all four years I attended, and I could still use it to this day because it was so dependable. A very reliable backpack that I think is amazing is the breakneck backpack; its slim shape holds a laptop perfectly and doesn’t look too bulky if you’re into the minimalist look.

Backpacks serve as a multifunctional accessory, to some it may carry nothing more than a piece of paper from last semester in school, for others, it’s a tool used to carry all your survival supplies when camping. The first thing you want to look for in a backpack is testimony. Why? You want to hear what other people think about the brand or type of backpack you use. If it’s worth mentioning or talking about, then you’ve got a winner. Another aspect to consider is: who are you? What do you need this backpack for? Maybe it could be for school, so all you need is something simple, with two pockets maximum. Or maybe you’re a college student so you need something with a little more durability, like maybe a backpack with laptop compartments for girls. A backpack like that will keep you secure for some of the most intense studying you’ll ever have. Or you could be an avid hiker, who needs a hefty, heavy-duty backpack with endurance as its first priority.

But most importantly, is it a backpack that you would wear? You want a backpack that you’re proud of, something that you love putting your belongings in everyday. Finding just the right backpack for you is just as important as finding the right purse, finding the right shoes or any other accessory that you need every day. What do you think makes the perfect backpack?

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