Upgrade your Samsung TV with these accessories


Samsung DVR, Samsung TV lamp

When it comes to TV’s there are very few brands which are as good as Samsung. Samsung HDTV’s are one of most feature-packed ones you will find. The biggest advantage with getting a Samsung HDTV would be the fact they manufacture other accessories which can be added on to the TV. Let us take a look at a few accessories that you would need for your Samsung TV.

A DVR is one of the most popular accessories you can have for your television set. They help you record your favorite shows off live television on to a hard disk so you can watch it any time you like. The biggest concern with DVR’s would be the quality at which it records and the amount of space that it has. Samsung DVR’s are one of the easiest ones to use. The Samsung DCB-P850Z comes with about 160 GB of hard drive space which is more than sufficient for recording loads of movies and TV shows. This DVR also has a dual tuner which allows you to watch and record simultaneously. The recording is quite simple and all it takes is one press of a button and the DVR starts recording. You can also store photographs and music on the hard drive and play it back on your sound system or via your TV speakers. Overall it does come in handy when you are busy and need to watch your favorite TV program.

If you own a Samsung DLP TV then you would definitely need a replacement lamp. Usually most projection lamps have a life of about 2000 hours after which you would need to change them to meet the right picture quality. While choosing a replacement lamp you must ensure that it is compatible with your Samsung DLP TV. Usually at the back of your TV you will have a serial number which you would need to use as a reference for buying a new projection Samsung TV lamp. Also if you have a Samsung DLP TV then you would have to go in for a Samsung TV lamp.


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