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When you’re pre-teen or teen being in style is very important. From cell phones to jeans to haircuts, each detail is meticulously assessed before walking out of the door to board the bus and face the sea of ‘fashionistas’ and gossip experts. Thus there is no denying that the backpack is an accessory that needs to spell style yet comfort. After all, it is a year long fashion commitment.

With changing times school messenger bags have become a popular alternative to school backpacks. Not to forget that there is a vast variety to choose from. Ranging from girls messenger bags to messenger bags for men, you have a whole lot. In fact kids messenger bags are filled on the racks of malls too! Colors and materials are also immense. If you like it sporty or dressy, the choice is yours!

Not only does it look stylish, a messenger bag hangs on the side, making it easy to grab a pen to jot notes or a cell phone that is ringing. The comfort factor is enhanced by the additional shoulder pad. Thus even heavy loads do not need you to break your back. Nasty back pains are something you would never end up complaining about! Did you know that the strap is adjustable too?

Volatile Greenwich messenger bagDurability should be a factor that one must look in along with inspecting the “cool” factor. I recently picked up a Volatile Greenwich messenger bag for my son and the nylon material has made it a sturdy and good bet! In fact convenience and functionality is  given in sync with your needs.

 The bike messengers who zoom around New York with the messenger bags on their back use those over the shoulder messenger bags for a reason. So, what are you waiting for, grab a messenger bag right away.

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