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Raleigh scout 24, Lance Armstrong gps bikes

Exercising and getting fit, healthy and in shape has been on everyone’s list of things to do this year. Running on a treadmill or exercising at home does get repetitive and boring this is where riding a bike outside makes things interesting.

Riding a bike does give you a good work out and also keeps you entertained. Biking can involve long distance biking or mountain biking. Mountain biking does require a bit of training, practice and a set of skills whereas regular long distance biking just requires you to know how to ride a bicycle. Regular biking can be done with any bicycle out there but if you are planning on long distances you probably would require a geared one. The Lance Armstrong bike by Trek bikes is one of the best ones you will find. They at one point were used By Lance Armstrong himself. The Kaws Lance Armstrong gps bikes are perfect for long distance biking. This bike is extremely light weight and is designed very well. This bike also has the KAWS’ signature, i.e. the teeth pattern which is applied on the bike frame and the bike’s rims. This bike is also part of the LIVESTRONG foundation which supports the fight against cancer.

If you are looking for a little more excitement in your biking then mountain biking is the answer. Mountain bikes are a lot different from other bikes they are smaller and have thicker tires. They are also a lot more durable than regular long distance bikes. Mountain bike are usually made from highly durable aluminum and which is strong and light weight. Among the mountain/off road bikes the Raleigh scout 24 is one of the best ones for beginners or kids interested in off road biking. This bike comes with 21 gears which makes things a lot easier. The presence of Shimano Revo twist shifters makes things very simple while changing gears. The V-brakes present on this bike offer adequate stopping power and offer good control over the speed.

Both mountain biking and regular biking will give you a good work out and keep you entertained while doing so. Mountain biking or trail biking may be a little more intense and require a lot of training and development of skills before you can being.

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