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Something that will never go out of style, much like a women’s pencil skirt, is a letterman jacket. Teenagers are still buying them and giving them to their girlfriends, mostly because of what they symbolize: true athleticism. In today’s world, kids don’t seem to be as active as they once were. So any person who can earn the respect of a true letterman jacket is worthy of wearing one.

History of the letter

The history behind a letterman jacket is one worth mentioning. Harvard was the original school to introduce sewing letters on sweaters. Their baseball team sewed giant “H”s onto the front of their sweaters, and only the best players were allowed to keep their letters once the season was over. And if they didn’t participate they were forced to have to return their sweaters once the season was over.

Varsity letterman jackets became popular in the early 20th century and later transformed into the wool jacket with leather sleeve we commonly see by about 1930. Even today, varsity letters are typically handed out to upper classman.

But if you’re interested is more of the general styles of a letterman jacket then try these letterman jackets, many retailers have adopted the style and made a unique twist on an old classic. The fun thing about new letterman jackets is that they even sell them in women’s sizes, so girls can get in on the sport action too. Sometimes they can even make a great gift for someone. Recently, one of my aunts gave her son a varsity jacket and he loved it. That’s why many stores are making their own letterman apparel; they really are popular and can be appreciated by anyone, young and old. The grandparents can admire the style, harking back to their own days as a sports proficient, and the kids will love it because it’s something that everyone else wears. Buying something like a letter or varsity jacket is a great way to show off your style and sportsmanship.

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