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uv gel nail polish brands, luminess air gel haute nail color

Hey, there’s help on hand! If you’re the kind who’s forever getting her manicure ruined within minutes of getting it done, then this one is for you. UV nail gel polish is the latest fad in nails. Now you can have stylishly manicured nails that last for a really long time. In my experience it lasted for almost three weeks without getting my nails chipped off or worn off. Here is some quick information about UV gel nails to help you get fabulous nails:

UV gel nail polish brands

1. UV gel polish is a mix of regular polish and nail gel. Gel nail polish is applied on to regular, unpainted nails and cured under UV light to give you a glossy layer very efficiently and effectively. Try the Sincerity gel nail polish from Lomasi that’s a classic skin tone color and very popular.

2. The first step is to cleanse and wipe your nails and paint on a prep gel and apply a base coat with a special brush. Then you cure the nail under a UV light and repeat with a second coat and cure under UV light again. Generally in salons, curing is done one layer, one hand at a time. This gives time for one hand to get painted and cured while the other hand is getting done.

3. The results are brilliant. You don’t have to wait for nails to harden or dry. The quick-drying formula ensures your nails are ready quickly. They’re a boon when you want to walk out after a pedicure with closed toe shoes. The results are durable, chip-resistant and last till the nails start growing out again.

uv gel nail polish brandsLuminess air gel haute nail color

You can create beautiful nails that have unique edges with gel haute nail colors. Luminess Air Cloud gel haute polishes are long lasting and fast drying. They provide a kind of protective armor to your nails. They soak off easily without damaging nails in any way and last for more than two weeks.  Use Luminess air gel polish cleaner to keep nails healthy and remove impurities and oil.



Written by Ruby Lancer

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