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TV’s have changed a lot over the past few years and have become a lot easier to access television compared to how it was before. These days most TV’s come with Wi-Fi which allow you to access TV across the internet.

Thanks to TV’s which have Wi-Fi or an Ethernet, you can watch your favorite movies and videos whenever you want thanks to applications such as Netflix, Pandora or even YouTube. This has completely changed the way we watch TV and has limited our dependence on regular cable. Among the TV’s that have Wi-Fi, the ones from Sony Bravia are one of the best. The Bravia HX729 65 inch LED internet TV is the perfect display unit to any entertainment system. This 65 inch LED TV comes with built in Wi-Fi which allows you to make use of a ton apps such as Netflix, Pandora and YouTube. These apps allow you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and music videos. If you do not happen to have a wireless network at home this TV also has an Ethernet port where you can connect your internet cable. In addition to all the apps and ability to stream movies this TV is has one of the best video outputs thanks to Sony’s X-Reality™ PRO picture engine. This ensures that the picture quality always remains lifelike.

In addition to connecting your TV’s to the internet you also have a lot of people connecting regular cable to your computers. This enables you to view live television on your computer. Thanks to the Windows media center software you can record it as well. This way you can pause and replay your favorite shows as many times as you want. All you need to do is get good media center software and a TV tuner card and you can start watching TV on your computer.  Most desktop TV tuners can be found in USB form or you could add them to your PCI slots. A few top end video cards from Nvidia and ATI come with built-in TV tuner cards as well.

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