White furniture gives contemporary look to a room.


white dining tables, white bookcases

White is a classic color that remains elegant and chic. Any furniture piece in white exudes style and impeccable sleekness. I am in favor of having a few white furniture pieces as it makes a room look modern. Pieces such as white dining tables, sofa sets and bookcases let you experiment with colors on other things in the room. It makes a great backdrop over which you can play with patterns, colors and various styles.

White dining tables

A white dining table is perfect for spring when you can add lemon yellow chairs to it. You can also stick to white chairs if you like it that way or coordinate the table with black chairs that will portray sleekness to your dining room. Powell color story white dining table with butterfly leaf is a great option for a dining table.

White sofa set

I like that a white sofa set is very versatile as you can place different color pillows and patterned rug underneath it and the room will still look good. The color white is able to balance off the various patterns and styles and ultimately make the room look polished. The LC White Leather Sofa from Overstock is a special piece of furniture that will enhance the look of your room.

White bookcases

It is very easy to add white pieces in your kid’s room without making it look bland. A white book case is a perfect example of that. By placing books, toys and craft items you add color to the white shelf but at the same time reduce the clutter. White is a great color when you want to make the room look spacious and brighter.

So do like white furniture pieces in your room or do you find it bland to own white furniture pieces in your home? How would you decorate the room containing white furniture pieces?


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