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women's dumbbell set with a rack, Gold's gym XR 10.9 power

One of the most common things on everyone’s “to do list” would be getting in good physical shape. Everyone wants a good toned body and working towards achieving that toned body is quite difficult. A regular disciplined workout routine which would include using weights would definitely get you there.

A lot of people have the misconception that weights are only for building muscle. This isn’t entirely true with the proper use of weights and understanding the correct use of reps, sets and rest you can tone your body as well. The first thing you would need before you start to tone your body would be a set of dumbbells. Getting a set of dumbbells is a good idea rather than buying them individually. A complete men or women’s dumbbell set with a rack should be what you are a looking for. A 5-50 lbs dumbbell set should be sufficient in the beginning and you could add more later on in case you plan to build your muscle. Since we are only talking on how to tone your body a 5-50 lbs dumbbell set should be more than sufficient. This is mainly due to the fact that toning your body does not require heavy lifting. Using medium and light weights in your exercise routine at a reasonable pace would be perfect.

When beginning your exercise with weights you must do at least 2 to 3 sets with at least 10 repetitions. This would be a good start and you would be using light to medium weights. Once you are getting used to them you should increase your repetitions. This is where toning your body is different from building it. While building it you use heavy weights and do fewer repetitions whereas in toning you use medium to lighter weights and do more repetitions. The rest period between two exercises should not exceed more than 30 seconds. This will make sure your muscles remain in a contracted state and they wouldn’t relax.

Once you have gotten used to the weights and your body seems to be responding well to the exercise you can take it up a notch by getting a power trainer. A power trainer will further tone your triceps, chest and shoulders. It will help you achieve incredible upper body strength without having to build bulk. The Gold’s gym XR 10.9 power tower is one of the best ones available. This power trainer will help you tone your upper body and give your core body a good workout. So get yourself the right equipment and begin toning your body to get into peak physical shape!


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