What to do with a big backyard


10x10 gazebo, garden wagons

To live in a house with a big backyard – that is still a part of the American dream, right?  For those of you who are currently living that dream, I have a question for you: what are you doing with it?  Hopefully, your spacious backyard is fulfilling its potential.

In case you were wondering, its maximum potential is not to serve as a storage space for tools, old household items, and other junk that you don’t know what to do with.  If you are in danger of letting your backyard devolve into that state, please read up on these ideas for how to make your backyard a dream come true.

Tree Garden

You can transform a large backyard into a serene, shady slice of paradise by planting some beautiful trees back there.  Plant trees to grow your favorite fruit, an apple or lemon tree, and pick them when they ripen.  Otherwise, a tree like linden is a beautiful one too.


Having a gazebo built in your backyard is a wonderful way to give it a classic country feel.  A 10×10 gazebo is a great size for most backyards, as it is plenty big but will not dominate your space.  Complete the western look by strategically placing some garden wagons among bushels of flowers.


Few things can look as breathtaking in a backyard as a beautiful orchard – which is not the best thing, seeing as how you will need to breathe in order to enjoy all the pleasant fragrances.


It takes a bit of effort to maintain, but a pond is a great option.  What is more calming than a still pond with some lily pads floating on the surface?  You can also throw some fish in there for the kids to feed.

So you see, there is no need to let your big backyard become a giant wasteland.  Set your mind on applying one or more of these so that you can enjoy spending more time back there – whether having barbecues and backyard parties or just relaxing.

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