Antioxidant face serums offer anti-aging benefits


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Now that summer is approaching, protecting your skin from the sun is vital to prevent your skin from aging. Adding a face serum under your moisturizer with SPF should be part of your daily face routine. Facial moisturizers with SPF all boast benefits for your skin when all they really do is moisturize and block UV rays. While this is important, it is not enough to fight aging. Face serums are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that help protect, prevent, and rejuvenate your skin, so invest in one today and see the difference.


When trying to find the best face antioxidants serum, look for brands like Kate Somerville, Anastasia, and PCA Skin, which all offer serums with a blend of antioxidants, including vitamin C. Here are some of the main ingredients antioxidant face serums contain:

  • Vitamins A and E which help in cell renewal
  • Plant and fruit extracts that provide natural nutrients which condition your skin and clean out pores
  • Natural emollients that moisturize and plump your skin
  • Fruit enzymes that reduce excess oil production and create a great barrier between your skin and outside pollutants
  • Antiseptic ingredients that reduce bacteria which irritate your skin and cause breakouts

antioxidant face serumMost serums come with the ingredients listed above, and some go beyond basic skin nutrition. For those who are looking to target severe problems like saggy skin or wrinkles (a more corrective serum, rather than preventative), then the biotech Dermasilk 5 min face lift instant tightening serum is a great choice as it stimulates and increases the production of keratinocyes cells, and new elastin and collagen, filling out lines and tightening your skin.


Application of serum is easy and calming. Squeeze one pump of the serum onto your fingertip and lightly dot the areas which you want to focus on first, such as your eyes, lips, nose, or forehead. Then you can distribute whatever is left onto the rest of your face. Instead of using your palms to rub it into your face, gradually spread the dotted serum over your skin by gently imitating playing the piano with the pads of your fingers against your face. This will stimulate circulation in your face and help the serum soak into your skin. Once it is spread, let it finish soaking in for about 5 minutes, then apply your regular cream. Allowing your antioxidant serum to soak in before applying your moisturizer is a must in order for your skin to reap the benefits of all the serum ingredients.

This is a great way to add an extra boost for your skin, and is more effective than moisturizer alone. What improvements have you seen after using face serum?

Written by Reese Hudgins

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