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If you have been at your new place for a while now and have left your dining area bare with just a table and chairs, you may have become comfortable with the current layout and have forgotten all the splendor you had envisioned when decorating your dining area or kitchen nook once you had settled in. Well, do not forget about that dream! Here are some ideas on how you can add rugs to your dining area to get the ball rolling. Soon you will be adding more pieces to finally complete the ideal look you had originally planned.

Why rugs?

There are many ways to incorporate rugs in your kitchen nook and dining area. Since kitchens almost always have hardwood or tile flooring that extend up until the family room, using rugs to place furniture on top of will not only protect your floors and furniture from being scuffed, but also give your feet a warm place to step on. Area rug sets are convenient because they help create a unifying theme among your kitchen and breakfast nook. You can place the large rug underneath your dining table, the runner at the end of your kitchen which will lead to your dining table, and the smallest rug piece can be set in front of your stove, acting as a hearth rug for you to step on while you cook. Here are some tips to help you choose your rug.

What kind should I get?

area rug setsThe shape of your rug directly correlates with the shape of your table. For example, if you have a round cherry-wood or mahogany table, you should buy a round rug to place underneath the base of the table. Choosing a round rug that goes well past the edge of your round table is important so the chairs do not scratch your floor when you pull them out. For most round tables, 8’ round rugs (left) should be enough. Keep in mind these do take up a lot of room, but work beautifully and create a touch of elegance. Similarly, if you have a rectangular table, choosing a rectangular rug would work best. If you are working with a small place and do not have room to for a big rug that will extend beyond your chairs, you can get a small one to place your table on top of, and stick self-adhesive felt pads to the bottom of your chair’s legs to protect your floors.


While adding rugs will get you started, remember not to stop there! Most Persian or Aubusson rugs have gold tones incorporated in their designs. If you love entertaining guests, using a gold table cloth will make the event extra special and give your table an overall neat look. Placing a table cloth with a solid and complementing color to your rug will once again, create a unifying theme to the room. Adding a few frames with inspirational quotes or sayings will also make your kitchen reflect your personality.

How did you recently spruce up your kitchen and dining area?

Written by Reese Hudgins

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