A baseball scorebook, dugout organizer and doughnut for your team


baseball scorebooks, dugout organizer

Baseball has started! Not only Major League Baseball, but college, high school, and little league seasons are beginning as well. You’ve got your glove, ball, bat, and are ready to hit the field! But wait, there are still a couple of other things you need to have a successful season. Items that don’t immediately come to mind when looking for baseball gear, but are important none the less. Here are a few of them.

Baseball Scorebook: A baseball score book is a very important item when having a successful baseball team.  Not only does it help you keep track of the game, but you can look back on the game and see where your team was successful, and where they need work. For example, a score book could let you know that your team hits great when behind in the count, or that your pitcher struggles with men on base.

Portable Wall Organizer For Baseball: Imagine it is the bottom of the 9th inning, and you are called on as a pinch hitter to try and win the game. But the dugout is cluttered and you can’t find your helmet. With the game on the line, this isn’t the time to be stressing about where your equipment is! This is where a dugout organizer comes in handy. Keep all of your helmets, bats, and gloves in order so when a player needs one, it is available in a flash.

Bat Doughnut: A bat doughnut is a weighted ring to slip on your bat. While waiting in the on deck circle for your at bat, take a few practice swings with the weighted bat to increase your bat speed when your turn comes up!

There you have it, just a few simple items that can help give your team a competitive edge during it’s next game.



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