Best of the Web no. 61


Greetings Pocketchange land, and welcome to one of our most action packed editions of Best of the Web in recent memory. This week we’re covering a full gamut of exciting and diverse blogs from all over the world! We don’t want to throw in any spoilers in this introduction, but let’s just say you’re in for a real treat. Enjoy!




I Ripple. I Dance 

i ripple i dance

“Hi I am Michelle and I live in London. I wear many hats including student, girlfriend, part-time worker, environmentalist and photographer. I ripple. I dance is my adventure in living a more creative life.  I bake. I crochet. I photograph. I visit museums and foreign countries. I eat.  My three favourite things in the world are gelato, peanut butter and Italy.  I am having a love affair with all of them.  Close runners up are car-booting and breakfast. You can tell I enjoy eating, no?  I think life would be better if we drank out of china tea-cups, spent half as much time working and had the time to use a toast rack.  As a British blogger I try and promote other British bloggers as well as things to do in our fair capital – great for Londoners or those living vicariously.  Stop by and have some cake if you like.”



“Hello, I’m artist/designer Kim Baise. I live in Los Angeles with my husband and 3 small children.
I love making mobiles,collecting sticks, embroidery, printmaking and origami. Jikits is a place for me to share my creations as well as favorite finds, projects, trends, music, other blogs and personal finds.”

Over the Rainbow

over the rainbow

“Over the Rainbow is a scrapbooking blog on its surface, but truly it’s about the nuts and bolts of everyday life. Whether I’m sharing photos of my tiny baby girl, posting new recipes I’ve tried, writing about the serious things, or getting crafty, I love to share my life with my readers and get to know you all in return. From color schemes and cool products to layout topics, my blog provides lots of material to get you scrapbooking. I hope to inspire you to appreciate everyday life and spend time on the things that make you happy!”

Chantilly Songs

chantilly songs

“ChantillySongs in home of Chantilly- your friendly neighborhood singer-songwriter, blogger, and crazy cat lady. Her songs are available on bandcamp, and her blog features style posts, music, and chronicles the life and times of a creative gal living in Brookyn, NY.”

Miki’s Scrapbook


“Hi! I’m Miki, an Argentine girl who moved to California for love. I’m a dreamer, an incurable wallflower, a crazy cat lady, an indie music lover. I’m in a constant search for animal-patterned clothes and colorful objects. I enjoy leaving positive messages in public places for strangers to find and volunteering at the library. My blog is a space where I share my anecdotes on trying to adapt to a new country, my passion for color, kitties and so much more!”

The Dies Have It

dies have it

“Susie Moore started The Dies Have It started a year ago with a determination to post daily. Most days the posts are about cards and scrapbooking with dies. It seems that the crafting world has exploded with new and wonderful ways to cut paper (and lots of other things!) using dies.

The Dies Have It has become a standard daily read for many crafters. The motto of the site is, “A day without scrapbooking? Not if I can help it”. And so the daily posts are filled with layout and card photos, tips and tutorials – all aimed at spreading the word about using dies – every type imaginable.”

Unexpectedly Expecting Baby


“Unexpectedly Expecting Baby is a blog that tells the journey of a twenty-seven-year-old mother through marriage and first-time motherhood, while attempting to find the humor in life’s little mishaps! Bri also tackles issues such as food allergies, unplanned pregnancy and balancing work, family and sanity.”

Laughing With Broken Eyes

broken eyes

“Hello there! My name is Amber Rose.I am an English student at a small university where I’m minoring in Education and French. My dream is to write poetry, to inspire my students,  and to perhaps sing jazz or folk in a small cafe on a weekly basis. I don’t seek fame but rather dream of living a simple life with those dearest to me. My blog is a capsule of my poetry, my thoughts, and who I was at a given time. It is my deepest belief that life is too short— so do everything.”

1000 Homes of Happiness

1000 homes

“Our home is a mixture of chaos, laughter, clutter, mess, love and silliness….it is perfectly imperfect. My blog 1000 homes of happiness is a blog by me, Kellie, Muma of three girls.  It’s about my family’s everyday adventures and our quest to bring a little happiness to others. We set about creating 1000 little origami homes to set free and delight those who serendipitously stumble upon them. Each home has a special message to make the receiver smile.  We hope you find one.”

Margot Potter

margot potter

“Approaching everything with her signature sense of humor, boundless curiosity and copious amounts of joie de vivre, Margot Potter feels that if it’s not fun, it’s simply not worth doing. She invites people to not only think outside of the box, but to tear it up, re-purpose it into something fabulous and stand on it to reach for the stars. Margot’s no nonsense approach to creative expression demystifies the creative process for the Average Joe and Jane, inviting everyone to the creative table and convincing all of them that they too can ‘Create Without Filters™’. ”

Joyce Washor


“My blog chronicles my artistic life; new paintings, news of exhibits and upcoming workshops, projects that I’m working on (watercolor ebook). My hope is to connect with colleagues and share information in our shared journey in art land! It makes my day when I’ve learned that I’ve taught or influenced someone.”

Quarter Inch Mark

quarter inch mark

“Quarter Inch Mark, aka {¼” mark}, is a blog where I celebrate life and craft/quilt creations with friends from all over the world. I capture dailymoments of a simple lifestyle and document the process of my craft/quiltmaking. In this blog you’ll find I try to use up scrap fabrics and transform them into fun patchwork projects. I enjoy sharing my work with everyone andgetting feedback as well.”

Pretty Odd Wonders

pretty odd wonders

“Pretty odd wonders is where I share my everyday adventures in London, my travels, and endless love for thrifting and all things vintage. Having grown up in Finland, you’ll find that I have a special place in my heart for the Scandinavian way of living. I decorate my home with a mix of Nordic, Western and vintage elements that make a silly but sweet mix. I’m a big fan of DIY projects and like to share some every now and then. Lately I have also lived a double life as a wedding planner for my friends’ wedding on 21st April. I’m so excited to show you how it turns out!”

A Quiet Corner


“Life as it is from A Quiet Corner. It takes a look at life, with hopes of inspiring others to share and learn from their adventures as I have by living and learning from nature. It teaches us much.”

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