Best of the Web no. 62


Welcome back faithful readers and say hello to a brand spanking new edition of our Best of the Web, a weekly series brought to you by Pocketchange where we bring together some of the best blogs and bloggers from around the web all under one roof. This week we’re featuring everything from great eats, to amazing art, fantastic writing and some soul searching introspection as well. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!



The Scrapbooking Queen

scrapbooking queen

“My blog is my Castle where The Scrapbooking Queen rules over her kingdom.  The Scrapbooking Queen became a place where my creative side just took over.  I love to do all sorts of paper crafts and have always been called “The Queen’ of Everything” so was born The Scrapbooking Queen.  It’s a bright and cheerful place at the castle where all my Royal Follower comes to see what The Queen is up too.  The Queen has even opened her own Royal Castle Shoppe and started her own stamp line.”

Apt. 2B Baking Co.

apt2b baking co

“My name is Yossy and I am a native Seattlite currently residing in New York. I started my blog, Apt. 2B Baking Co., during my stint working in restaurant kitchens when I needed an outlet for all of the recipes I would dream up during the day. Food and photography have always been important parts of my life so I decided to combine my two passions into something I could share with friends and family.  With my trusty Pentax film camera by my side I create and photograph simple, seasonal recipes for desserts, preserves, and anything else that strikes my fancy in my tiny New York apartment. In every post, I hope to convey a relaxed, unfussy vibe that encourages people to roll up their sleeves and make something to share with the people they care about.”


Picture shows a glass of cabernet sauvignon at the ValdiVieso winery in Chile. Photo by Michelle Locke.

“Vinecdote (vin + anecdote) is a website covering news and trends in wine, food and travel. The site is edited by Michelle Locke, a freelance writer in the San Francisco Bay area whose work regularly appears in newspapers and other publications across the country. Along with news, you’ll find wine reviews, suggestions on how to eat well without spending hours at the stove and travel tips picked up while exploring the wine regions of California and beyond. Check out the video page for behind-the-scenes coverage of what it takes to get from grape to bottle and “like” us on Facebook for regular updates.”

7 Year Wedding

7 year wedding

“7 Year Wedding is full of simple tips and easy inspiration to live your most beautiful wedding, party and home. From decorating ideas like paper bag lanterns, beautiful wedding dresses or inspiring real wedding all the way through to DIY inspiration around the home there are plenty of ideas to live beautifully.”

An Eclectic Heap

eclectic heap

“An Eclectic Heap is a lifestyle blog that focuses on sewing, crafts, life, and love. I have been blogging since August and have grown to love is as my most favorite creative medium. I have quite a few features and changes in the future. I’m so excited so stay tuned!”

Art by Wiley

Art By Wiley

“Hi, I’m Jodi Wiley from Melbourne, Australia. I write Art by Wiley, a daily blog about living a creative life. I write about drawing, painting and making stuff as well as book reviews on creativity and illustration. Every Wednesday I interview a creative person. Stop by for a fix of art, illustration and inspiration!”

Blue Birdie

blue birdie

“I am a mother, crafter, traveller. Love practically all things crafty. You name it: card-making – yes! scrapbooking – yes! soft dolls making – yes! photography and mixed media – yes! The Blue Birdie blog is the opportunity to share my creations and meet like-minded people. Feel free to look around!”

Twenty Something Wife

twenty something wife

“Hey there – I’m Britney from The Musings of a Twenty Something Wife – where I blog about a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Around there you can find me rambling about the ups and downs of building a house, the trials and errors of being a new wife, and my puppy dog.  My blog is about life, love and happiness and there is no telling where this journey is going to take me.  I hope you will stop by and say hello!”

Night Light Stories

night light stories

“Night Light Stories is a podcast featuring original children’s stories. There are over 45 free, downloadable stories from which to choose. The compendium blog contains vocabulary review, comprehension questions, ideas for activities promoting family time for each story, and much more. You can download and listen to the stories from the links on the blog ( or download them for free on iTunes!”

Imagination Run Amok

imagination run amok

“Mix one part art with two parts books/writing and you have Imagination Run Amok. There was a time, a short time, I thought I could keep these two loves separate. But in the end I found by combining them, not only was I being more true to myself, but I was giving readers of my blog variety. Subscribers get a weekly dose of my art, books I’m reading or want to read, some poetry thrown in, and even some nature photography on the side. I also love sharing about events I’m participating in, like World Book Night USA 2012, National Poetry Writing Month and coming up in May, StoryADay. Imagination Run Amok has a little of everything for lovers of art, creative writing, and the everyday life of an artist who lives with crazy cats.”

The Secret Hermit

secret hermit

“Micki Wilde is the woman behind The Secret Hermit blog. A blog about the ups and downs of a mixed media artist where one woman is trying, despite the economy, to make a living from her life’s true passion whilst also raising her two children and running a busy family home in the UK.

Micki’s work depicts female characters in whimsical, dreamy situations with a continually changing and evolving style. Micki is a prolific artist and updates her blog on a weekly basis with several new paintings. She thoroughly enjoys the blogging community and encourages you to pop in and take a peek.”

Finding Myself


“Finding Myself is a blog based upon my life: the small, seemingly insignificant victories that happen every day, craft projects, good recipes for busy weeknights, book reviews, and lots of lists. I spend my time crafting, cooking, reading, hoping, wishing and dreaming. And while my blog was started back in 2009, I didn’t start writing in my own voice until 2011. Now, the sky is my limit and each day I discovery something new about myself.”

Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

irresistable ideas for play based learning

“We are Sherry Hutton and Donna Ridley-Burns. We taught preschool together for many years in Melbourne, Australia, and together we welcome you to our blog, Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

Our blog is designed to inspire and assist teachers who follow a developmental curriculum, tertiary students of the early childhood sector and parents and carers of children in the early years.”



“My wonkybutton blog is a jumble sale pick and mix of all my creative dabblings. A once upon a time animation director, I now write and illustrate children’s picture books. I am also trying to get my Etsy shop of snippy sew crafts and illustration prints up and running. My blog tends to feature any current bits and bobs that are bubbling away in my mind, any collagey painted artwork that is spilling off my desk or any interesting snippets that I just want to share. My blog acts as a pictorial record of my creative journey … a journey where I am constantly going off road and discovering things!”

An Italian cooking in the Midwest


An Italian cooking in the Midwest is a blog by Pola M. Quite obviously, Pola is Italian and blogs about her cooking adventures and her efforts to keep her food delicious, easy, healthy and authentically Italian while living in the Midwest. The recipes on her blog are what she cooks every day and they reflect how people eat in modern Italy.

(Like) every good Italian, Pola loves her carbs and has a good share of home-baked bread and pasta recipes – including a newly inaugurated series on homemade pasta ( But don’t worry if carbs are not your thing; she has plenty of other recipes as well.

Come on over to discover what Italians are really eating nowadays: Pola’s recipes might not be always traditional, but they are 100% authentic!”

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Written by Russel Hawthorne

3 Responses to “Best of the Web no. 62”

  1. WendyB Says:

    We love Night Light Stories in this house. They are so creative, fun, and educational. A great resource for parents everywhere!

  2. Amanda Makepeace Says:

    I love the mix of creative folks you’ve featured!! Thank you for including me. :)

  3. Chriss America Real Says:

    I love the Scrapbook Queen, I have been one of her faithful followers for years!

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