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biodegradable shampoo, hair therapy shampoo

By choosing a biodegradable shampoo, you’re doing your bit towards keeping the environment clean. In your own way you’re reducing your carbon footprint. And you’re also taking care of your hair by not exposing it to harsh chemicals and detergents that can potentially cause long term damage. Take a look here at some biodegradable shampoos and see how you can pamper your hair:

Biodegradable shampoo

A lot of popular shampoos are made up of crude oil extracts, harsh detergents and chemicals. You may have noticed your hair going all brittle and dry after a shampoo. Harmful chemicals used over a long period of time can cause irreparable damage to your hair and health. And moreover, manufacturing large quantities of shampoos can use up huge energy reserves that could be an environmental hazard. Going back to natural and organic soaps can help you regain your hair luster and shine while taking care not to damage the environment either.

Check out Ecofresh shampoo that is biodegradable and has a clear and pleasing lemon fragrance. My favorite is biodegradable Nutribiotic shampoo that is made out of natural botanical products. It does a great job on repairing dry and damaged hair and helps strengthen and nourish hair to keep it moisturized and healthy. It contains an infusion of mint, chamomile, rosemary, wild thyme and other natural oils to clear away impurities from your hair.

biodegradable shampooHair therapy shampoo

Go with natural hair repair remedies like hair therapy shampoos and volume enhancing shampoos made with natural ingredients. Look for pH balanced shampoos to bring back healthy hair.

Ecco Bella, hair and scalp therapy shampoo has green tea, neem extracts and other natural extracts. This pH balanced shampoo helps relieve a flaky and itchy scalp to bring on a soothing effect. Jason Thin to Thick volume shampoo is gentle with Panthenol, Biotin and plant proteins. It is sulfate-free and adds volume to your hair to leave it feeling shiny and bouncy.

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