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Black and white are colors, which can be used to create dramatic and stunning bedroom decors. But if done wrong, it can be grim, dreary and monotonous. These neutral colors combine to work well with playful decors and styles. Keep in mind that a balance of these two shades has to be materialized, with a blend of other colors too.

Dust is easily visible on black and white tends to get dirty very fast. So, you have to pick themes for accessories and products, which hide these flaws and accentuate crispness. Here are a few home décor pieces through which you can incorporate the black and white bedroom theme, with minimal efforts.

1.  Black and white bedding

Bedding in black and white highlights the contemporary minimalistic layout. It stands out against everyday objects and furnishing pieces. Yet, it is easy to maintain and doesn’t seem to impose or take attention away from the bedroom theme.

Stripes and geometrical patterns work the best with these colors. But there are various home classics bedding pieces in floral patterns that work equally well. A dash of grey breaks the monotony here, but only if it is not too overpowering. You can also go for an all black theme in satin with a dash of white lace or vice versa.

2. Lamps and decorative pieces

Lamps along with other decorative pieces in black and white like wall hangings provide a great deal of the impact to theme, even with use of minimal colors. It offers a fairly consistent and restricted color range to creative accents, without diverging from the basic scheme.

3. Other accessories

Rugs in complete black can be used to complement the black and white bedding. One can also go for a combination of these two colors in chess-board or asymmetrical designs. These can be accompanied with side tables in black wood.

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