Tips to maintain and retouch your hair color


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Right hair color can make your hair shinier and prettier. It can give you a great new look. You can use different hair colors to stand out in hundreds of other people. Colored hair needs special care. Here is a look at some tips which can help you maintain and retouch your hair color.

  • Choose the right shampoo

Choose sulfate free shampoos for your colored hair. Such shampoos are gentler on hair and scalp. Especially made for color treated hair, some sulfate free shampoos come with a sunscreen. You must avoid shampoos containing alcohol. You can read the labels of different shampoo bottles before picking one.

  • Choose a good hair mascara

You can pick blonde hair mascara for your hair. These mascaras can help you get ready for a party quickly and easily. These easy to use mascaras can also help you save a lot of money. They help you cover your gray hair within a few minutes. You can choose hair mascaras according to your hair color. It is easy to use and fix any gray stray hair with very little effort.

  • Wash your hair the right way

Avoid washing your hair with warm water. You can rinse your hair with cool water. This can seal the color inside, helping it last longer. You should not wash your hair every day. Try and wash it only three times a week. Use a good conditioner after every wash. Along with this, make sure you apply a conditioner before getting into the swimming pool. This makes your hair soak up less chlorine. You can wash your hair again once you come out of the pool.

Along with some good shampoos, conditioners and hair mascaras, you can choose ambiance eyelash & brow enhancing serum. You can pick the ones having natural ingredients. Such serums help you keep your eyelashes and eyebrows healthy and beautiful!

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