Top three comfy weekend outfits


button front cotton dresses, robes for tall women


Weekend warrior attitude, casual Friday wear, urban street wear, geek chic, slacker style, mouse potato duds and the list goes on. You can call it the casual revolution or anything else you want. However the widespread acceptance of casual clothing has been the best trend to emerge in recent years.Designers may indulge and push in the various degrees of dressing up, but most women love their comfy weekend outfits and would not trade that or anything in the world. Easy going and comfy clothes have proven to be a blessing!

Some interesting attires include the following:

  • Button front cotton dresses: Designed for comfort, these light and breezy dresses is the ideal bet for hot summer nights and days. In fact with a button front feature, it facilitates easy on and off. Most of these cotton dresses can easily be machine washed and dried. In fact you can wear some of them as plain dresses. Did you realize that some of the sleeveless dresses looks classy as a dress, jumper or even layered with a tee. Apart from that cotton fabric is hypoallergenic and weather proof.
  • Robes for tall women: Wrap yourself in the comfort of tall women’s robes. It is available in a wide variety of patterns, colors and fabrics. You are sure to find something that you would absolutely love. It is such a breathable and easy attire that you can lounge in it all day long.
  • Leggings and sweats: While baggy sweats or a pair of leggings are casual clichés, there is nothing better than lazing in them all day long. What better than teaming a pair of leggings with an extra soft tee and be in them all day long!

Enjoy a relaxed and easy weekend in the coziest attires. Beat the heat effectively too!

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