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LBD. For some, they will know exactly what those letters stand for, but for others like me, after doing a little research they’ll discover that LBD stands for the famous little black dress. Those three words have often been synonymous with femininity, beauty, simplicity and true elegance since the 1920’s. Fashion experts agree that no woman’s wardrobe is complete without the addition of a little black dress. So before you spend another second of not owning one of these pieces of real iconic fashion, read on to hear more about what you can do to spruce up your wardrobe.

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The idea of a little black dress is for it to be timeless, so it can be worn in both day and night situations and you can have it in your closet for years to come. You want it to be as simple as possible, so when you do wear it five years from now, it won’t appear dated in any way. Picking up a little black dress might be one of the best purchases you could make, because of those reasons of it being timeless; you can even buy one that doesn’t have a high price tag. In fact, the original idea was for the dress to be affordable and adaptable to be worn by anyone. Even if the first designs were by Coco Chanel, the little black dress was so widely popular that it became a trend everywhere.

If you need something else to put in your wardrobe that could add some pizzazz, try considering Kasper two piece skirted suit opal. Suits are just as practical as a little black dress, and if you work in the corporate world, necessary. When you pick yourself up some of these essential pieces of clothing, you’ll feel the luxury and security of having a full wardrobe, something that not even every woman, but every person needs.

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