Maximize your space with the right TV stand and floor lamp


corner tv stands, floor lamps with table

If you live in a cozy but modest-sized house or apartment that is lacking in square footage, you are probably all too familiar with the challenge of playing Tetris with all of your furniture and trying to create open space so that you don’t feel too cramped. If your closet or the space beneath your bed is crammed with a mishmash of your belongings because you don’t have room for a storage shelf, here are some tips to free up some valuable wall space in your bedroom or living room:

Switch to corner TV stands

If your current TV stand is located along the center of your living room or bedroom wall, you’re probably not making the most of the space you have available.  Using corner TV stands throughout your house is an easy way to free up wall space. Once you’ve moved your TV to the corner of your room, you’ll have plenty of wall space to replace the original TV stands with storage shelves. You can also leave the original TV stands and repurpose them as stands for other items, such as vases of flowers, potted plants, pottery, or any other home decor you’d like to show off. You can also store any other items in place of where your DVD player, game console, and DVDs used to be.

Use floor lamps with table attachments

When you have a tiny room to work with, you always want to use furniture that does double duty whenever possible. If you have both a floor lamp and an accent table or side table in your room, you’re not taking full advantage of your space. Replace these with floor lamps with table attachments instead.  When you have a small room, every inch of space counts!

What tricks have you used to maximize the space in your bedroom or living room?

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