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There’s nothing like being too careful when it comes to babies and their paraphernalia. For example, take crib bedding. There’s a mind-boggling variety when it comes to crib bedding. It can be a tad confusing about what to pick for the uninitiated. Take a look here at different types of bedding and pick the right one:

Crib bedding

1. Babies in a happy frame of mind are adorable and are fuss free. For the most part, they can sleep anywhere when they’re well-fed and comfortable. But you have to make sure the crib bedding is safe for the little one. It’s important to buy a quality mattress that is firm and of the right weight. Foam mattresses made with polyester are lightweight but firm for baby’s cribs.

2. Natural fiber mattresses are good as they hold their shape well. They generally have coconut fiber coated latex that is waterproof with cotton covers. They’re durable and good for the baby as there is nothing synthetic about them.

3. Coiled or spring interior mattresses have a layer of foam that is covered with soft cotton fabric on one side. It’s ideal for babies as the other side is covered with plastic that can be wiped clean.

4. For sensitive babies, hypoallergenic mattresses are good as they come with a quilted top layer or cover. The cover can be removed easily and machine washed to keep it soft and clean.

5. Soft, cotton bedding in light, cheerful colors are best for babies. Bedding sheets and covers should be washable. Keeping babies clean and comfortable ensures they sleep peacefully into the night.

crib beddingRockland Austin crib

Choose a Rockland Austin crib if you want the option of converting it to a toddler bed later on. The toddler bed can be attached to a full-size head and footboard too. Guardrails protect the toddler from tumbling out of the daybed. It has 4-position mattress support to adjust as the baby grows. The Caden Convertible model has an arched back with cute bun feet. The finish is non-toxic and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

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