Three eco-friendly clothing companies for the green-minded


organic material open long cardigan, eileen fisher petites organic cotton tank tops

More and more companies are striving to become more eco-friendly, choosing to only use organic fabrics that are sustainable. Items like the organic material open long cardigan are becoming more and more common, with consumers being more knowledgeable and concerned with where their clothes come from and what they are made of. With the popularity of eco-friendly clothing companies rising, let’s take a look at three of the green clothing companies.

Eileen Fisher

A clothing company for the modern woman, Eileen Fisher’s design is based on simplicity, beauty, and comfort. Their core fabric is organic linen or most specifically, Peruvian fair trade cotton, allowing them to create comfortable and beautiful clothing. The Eileen Fisher petites organic cotton tank tops are their most popular item, which is a impressive example of the quality of their products. They have made a commitment to high quality, sustainable design practices and it really shows in their clothing.

Fin Olso

Most high fashion designer women’s wear companies are concerned with only design and look, but the Norwegian high fashion label Fin Olso as sought to shatter that conception. Their primary concern is providing unique and fashionable designs in a sustainable manner, protecting the environment by only using organic and environmentally friendly materials. Featuring more muted and subdued, their slouchy and feminine design gives its wearers a distinctly fashionable and luxurious look. Combining high fashion with green initiatives is not always easy, but Fin Olso manages to pull it off.


In a female dominated industry, eco-friendly men’s fashion companies have an even smaller niche than their counterparts. Prophetick is leading the way is changing the men’s fashion industry, using only sustainable, organic fabrics. Their lead designer, Jeff Garner, was even named 2010 Eco Men’s Designer of the Year at London Fashion Week, really showcasing Prophetick’s focus on the process rather than the finished product.

With more and more clothing companies going green, it is only a matter of time before we start seeing larger clothing corporations follow the trend and go green!

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