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If you blow dry your hair on the daily, you’re in good company: Heat styling is a tried and true morning ritual for ladies who love the idea of having ultra smooth, sleek locks. But one fact that is easy to overlook is that not every blow dryer is built equally. If you’re reaching for that basic two-speed blow dryer with three heat settings day after day and aren’t completely blown away with the results, it might be time for an upgrade. Here are a few hair dryer options worth giving a try:

For speed: the CHI bling hair dryer

Time is precious, and the minutes we spend getting ready in the morning add up. The last thing anyone needs right before heading off to work or school is a weak hair dryer that does its job at a glacial pace. If you’re looking to combat this problem, look for a ceramic hair dryer, such as the CHI bling hair dryer, which distributes heat evenly and dries your hair 40 percent faster than traditional dryers. The CHI bling is lightweight and quiet, which means you’ll enjoy a morning free of unwelcome noise and heavy lifting.

For durability: Elchim blow dryers

If you’re going to invest in a professional hair dryer you’ll be using daily, you’ll want to make sure it will last and won’t break down on you after just a few months. If your main concern while shopping for a hair dryer is finding one that will last, Elchim blow dryers are a great choice for their durability. Try their 2001 Classic Pro hair dryer, which features shock and flame-resistant polycarbonate plastic designed to resist wear and tear from long-term use.

For convenience: wall mount hair dryer with retractable cord

Your styling tools work hard to make you look beautiful, so treat these items with the care they deserve! Put an end to your days of unplugging your hair dryer, rolling up the cord, and leaving it on your wet bathroom counter or repeatedly taking it in and out of your bathroom cabinet. Instead, try using a wall mount hair dryer with a retractable cord so you won’t have to worry about untangling a long, unruly cord, and your trusty hair dryer will always be within easy reach.

What do you look for in a good blow dryer?

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