2 ways to keep track of your fitness goals


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Exercise is great, but lets face it, we could always do it a little more. I personally go to the gym about five days a week, and I still get on myself for not going more. One of the hardest things about going to the gym is measuring our progress. After all, we don’t see immediate results from a good workout. You might lose a pound or so, but if you are looking to lose a lot of weight (or gain weight if you’re looking to build muscle), it could be weeks or even months before you see any significant change.

This is one of the reasons that people get discouraged and quit after only a few workout sessions. The best way to combat this is to keep detailed track of your progress, and today we’re going to check out a couple of ways do just that.

Exercise Watches For Men: An exercise watch has a ton of function to help you keep track of your workout. The heart rate monitor keeps track of your pulse. A lower pulse rate (low 100s) is best for burning fat, while a higher pulse rate (120 +) is best to improve your cardio. It also includes a pedometer to keep track of your steps if you like to walk or run to keep fit. A calorie burn indicator keeps track of how that weight loss plan is going. And it’s a watch, so of course you get a time and date display, as well as an alarm. Everything you need in a wrist fitness monitor!

Notebook: The watch will tell you what you’ve accomplished, but it won’t store that information, that’s up to you. A good rule of staying fit is to write down everything you do. You should also write down what you eat as your diet is just as important as hitting the gym. A simple pad and pen might be the most important tool of all in hitting your fitness goals.






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