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Listening to music is something that we all love. Most of us listen to our favorite music via a sound system. If we are on the go, a pair of headphones connected to a portable media player usually does the trick. Let us take a look at a good pair of headphones and speakers.

When it comes to headphones there are plenty of options which you can choose from. The first thing you would have to decide would be the type of headphones you want. There are basically in-ear headphones and over the ear headphones. Over the ear headphones might be a lot more bulky but the quality of sound is better compared to in-ear ones. The over the ear headphones by Dr. Dre happen to be one of the best ones around. The Solo Beats headphones white by Dr. Dre are the ones you should get if you crave sound quality. These headphones are probably one of the most comfortable ones you will find. They come with a built-in microphone so you can take or receive calls while using them. The ControlTalk feature gives you control over your iPod/iPhone. The folding design of this phone makes it easy to carry around in the case provided. Lastly it is available in red, black and white colors.

If headphones aren’t your thing then you should get yourself some good speakers. There are a lot of speaker systems these days which connect to media playback devices via a single headphone jack. Most speakers are great to connect to your laptop or your mp3 player. A few speakers connect via the headphone jack to your TV and work as an external speaker. These headphone jack TV external speakers are versatile as you can even connect them to your portable mp3 player. The GE 98903 2.1 PRO speaker system is a good speaker system. This 2.1 sound system offers powerful bass and top notch output. It is perfect for listening to music or connecting to your TV for watching a movie. If you have a larger budget then you could opt for the Bose Companion multimedia speaker system.


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