How to start your own organic garden


Organica plant growth activator, plant growth activator plus

Organic food is being preferred by thousands across the world. It is not only about pesticides and insecticides causing potential damage in regular food, which has led to this switch but also the damage to the environment, the change in taste of food and even spiritual health has influenced many to opt for organic fruits, veggies, etc.

And now you can grow organic food in your own backyard or greenhouse. Organic gardening is all about sensible planning with good compost and natural fertilizers instead of commercial ones. For instance, you can use in-house animal or plant deteriorated matter like kitchen waste.

You can also opt for ready to use natural products like Organica plant growth activator. As the name suggests, the product promotes plant growth with beneficial bacteria and actinomycetes. It also reduces the incidence of planting transplant shock. Apart from the above, it promotes plant establishment and enhances viability, especially for herbaceous plants.

  • Once you have chosen the right fertilizer for the soil, allow it to build up nutrients for a few months.
  • The next step is to choose the right seeds. Remember healthy plants are your best defense against insect invasion. Hybrids are more insect tolerant. Save more by opting for heirloom plants (these seeds can saved for next year)
  • Retain moisture around the soil with hay or straw. Keep caterpillars and other plant eating worms at bay with plastic tubes. Use plant growth activator plus to aid healthy growth
  • Use nets instead of insecticides since they are a greener and more economical alternative. Shredded newspapers and magazines can be placed in rows between plants. These contain soy ink, which is not harmful, but helps to cut down weeds

With these simple and easy tips, you can start off with your own organic garden in the comfort of your home or terrace!

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