Sophisticated ways to dress your dog up


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You are not the type of person that leaves the house without dressing up fashionably – so why should you have the kind of pet that does?  It’s 2012 and the only way to show the extent to which our civilization has surpassed that of all years prior is indeed to be sure that our dogs are draped in no less than the most sophisticated attire.  Therefore, let us usher in the new age of pet apparel by adorning our pet dogs with the most spectacular getup.

Or, just get him a something neat, like a hat or one of several awesome Kenya dog collars.  They come in an endless variety of creative patterns that will make your dog stand out – if he has trouble asserting himself as the alpha male, beaded leather collars ought to give him a presence large enough to make all the other dogs fold.  My cousin got his dog a Primary Tribal Dog Collar and now his dog struts around as though he has no idea he’s only a terrier.

One nice outfit for your dog is a Motorcycle Biker Dog Costume Outfit.  I promise he will look like a stud.  Dress him up in his biker uniform and place him in a basket on the back of your moped and you are sure to end up in a photo on some stranger’s blog.

If your dog is a female and you would like to dress her up as such, one of various dog collars, Nordstrom may be just what you are looking for.

I believe it was Einstein who said that pet attire is the staple of an advanced society, so we should all do our part to show that we as a people have finally reached that place.  National Dress Up Your Pet Day passed us by on January 14, but if we only clothe our dogs on that one day, how advanced can we claim to be?

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