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Kim care soap, nest bamboo bar soap


With all the new skin care products in the market, at times you can get confused trying to understand which is the best product for your skin. Not long ago, there were just a few brands available in soaps and choosing a product among them was far easy. Now, when I enter the store aisles, I feel that I am surrounded by an array of options. However the comforting factor is that this confusion does not hound me anymore since I have made my choice of the perfect soap for my skin. Let me share them with you too:

 From the ‘multi tasker’ company: Kimcare soap

  • On one hand, the cleaning is very gentle and lathers nicely and on the other hand the lather rinses off very easily as well.
  • There is a variety of fragrances that is up for grabs and you can experiment with lavender, peach and other citrus scents.
  • The packaging is very secure keeping the soap as fresh as ever.
  • The ingredients are very mild and sensitive to the skin.

 Organic and Sensitive: Nest Bamboo bar soap nest bamboo bar soap

  • This mild and gentle soap works on all skin types. Did you know that it is good for eczema infected skin as well? It is also suitable to use on babies as it is soft and gentle.
  • If you are suffering from spots and pigmentation get the Nest Bamboo bar soap right away. It the perfect solution if you are suffering from acne scars.
  • Some of the vital benefits includes whitening, freshening, hydrating and softening of the skin. In fact it exfoliates and cleanses one’s sensitive skin very well too.

Using the correct soaps and products on your skin is a must. The importance is such that cannot be undermined in any situation. Know your skin type, it’s characteristics and problems and research to get the ideal product!

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