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large bread box, mini glass jars

There are some items in the kitchen, which I pick up for special occasions, but I can do without them. And then there are some must have kitchen items I simply can not do without. These may not seem vital, but they are in fact the backbone of a smoothly functioning kitchen.

Every homemaker wants a well-stocked kitchen and there is no end to the variety of cooking utensils and gadgets. But there are some essentials, which makes it almost impossible to make a lot of everyday foods. Here are a few of them:

1. Large bread box

If you have bread in your kitchen then you should definitely get a bread box to put it in. This will prevent it from molding and will keep it in a nice dry and cool place. And my family loves bread in all its forms. Be it your everyday toast, croutons made from stale bread or even a regular slice of fresh bread.

With a large bread box, I can store all varieties of bread in one place, wrapped up in butter paper or cling wrap. It also means less of crumbs and mess in the kitchen.

2. Mini glass jars

Mini glass jars are another great way to store things like rice, sugar, pasta, salt, pepper, and anything else you may desire. They are air tight and will prevent anything from getting inside. Instead of leaving your food in the store pack, shift them to these see-through mini glass jars. Believe me, it helps you keep an eye on what’s gone bad and is so much more organized.

3. Big casserole dish

A big casserole dish is a must-have for my lunch with the girls and potluck parties. At times, my family eats right out of the dish, which relieves me of allotting dishwashing turns.

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