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laundry room storage, laundry room rug runners

If you have the space for it, maintaining a laundry room can be quite therapeutic. At least, it is for me. I love doing the laundry and folding out the dry clothes, still warm and smelling good from the dryer. There’s a sense of satisfaction after every garment has been washed and put away. If you want to enjoy doing your laundry too, take a look at these handy ideas for your perfect laundry room:

Laundry room storage

1. It’s important to have adequate storage space and to have the space well organized. This way your laundry washing gets done quickly. Over a period of time, you’ll find you can even multi-task as your laundry’s getting done. Something like the elfa Laundry Room Solutions is perfect with its storage solutions.

2. Arrange suitable shelves to keep detergents, both liquid and powder detergents. Keep collar scrubbing brushes and small garment bags ready for use before tossing clothes into the machine.

3. See if you can accommodate baskets or hampers in the laundry room. I keep three baskets – one for the whites and delicate garments like sweaters and lingerie, one for dirty clothes and the third one for clothes right out of the dryer.

4. Install drying racks to dry hand-washed or air-dried clothes. Either a wall-mounted or a free-standing one according to your requirements is a good idea.

5. Try to fit in an ironing board. Clothes straight out of the dryer are easier to iron than clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for a few hours.

laundry room storageLaundry room rug runners

You can a personalized touch to the laundry room with runners. They’re available with cute lettering on them like “Drop your Drawers Here” or “Dirty Laundry” and others. You can get them customized with names of your choice. They are made out of polyester with non-slip rubber backing. You also get cushy runners that feel soft under your feet while you’re running around doing your laundry.

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