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One of the amazing benefits of being a woman is being able to wear make-up. However, sometimes we’re all guilty of not treating the skin the way it should be treated. I know I’m guilty of not washing my face and not taking my make-up off at night but what leads to that are breakouts. Not just acne popping up on your face but it makes it unhealthy and can possibly lead to premature wrinkles the more often you do it as well. Here are some tips as to what you can do to keep you face clean and clear and some of the effects of not wiping away that make-up.

Take it all off

When you wear your make-up throughout the day it’s sitting on your skin. The last thing you want to do is let it continue staying on your while you’re sleeping. I sleep on my side so I’m prone to my skin clogging up if I don’t always take my make-up off at night because the make-up will be pressed into my pores. With people who sleep on their backs it’s not so much of a problem but if you do sleep on your side then you definitely want to consider taking the make-up off before you hit the hay. One easy way to do that is use some of the healthiest eye makeup remover, this way you’ll be guaranteed to get rid of any excess mascara or eye liner. And make sure to pick up high quality make-up remover, because if you get a kind that’s rough on your skin the daily removal of eye makeup can pull, irritate, and damage the delicate skin around the eye. Always make sure to be extra gentle anytime it involves your eye area.

A little something extra

Are you looking to add just the right touch to your eye routine? Then maybe consider picking up a brush gray eyeliner liquid brush. What’s nice about liquid eyeliner brushes is they’re angled so it allows for much easier application.

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