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men's Celtic Irish knot band ring in solid sterling silver, mens black diamond wedding band


Do you think that choosing a men’s wedding band is a daunting task? Actually it is not, despite all men having their own choices and preferences. While some like it plain, some like it grand. Practically speaking there are several pointers that you should keep in mind while deciding on the wedding band for a man: 

  • The occupation of a man. For example if he works in construction, the daily use might wear off the luster in the band
  • Does he wear his ring while indulging in sports?
  • Is he a no-frills and simple or a bold and daring guy?
  • Would he prefer something that is a bit different or very different?

The guidelines of choosing wedding bands for a man can go on and on. However while I was on the hunt for a ring for my fiance, there were two lovely rings that I came across. I was absolutely in love with the two rings that I had to choose from.

One of them included men’s Celtic Irish knot band ring in solid sterling silver. The solid silver looks very rich and is hallmarked too. The beautifully crafted piece is a classic example of the exquisite work that Celts have handed down generation from generation.

It is a perfect blend of elegance and style. Personally I felt it was a superb bet for one who wanted something different from the traditional ring. Did you know that it is very affordable on the pocket as well?

mens black diamond wedding bandThe second wedding band that I loved was men’s black diamond wedding band. An exquisite band which had five rows of diamonds studded on it. The plating of black PVD and lustrous silver just enhanced the touch tremendously.

When you get started on the hunt for the perfect ring, do remember to explore these two options!


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