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For the past few years it seems that fashion designers were indulging in creating rib crushing suits, skinny jeans and clothes in all tight school boy proportions for men. While there some people in the fashion world were praying to God while wearing these attires that their pants did not split, there were others who noticed the collective mood of fashion to be shifting. From Burberry to Bottega Veneta, they are embracing relaxed fits. Not overly loose or baggy, but a relaxed fit that maintains an easy and comfortable relationship with the body.

Whether it is a nice Sunday brunch or a family get together a wonderful option that you have is to wear mens linen pants. Not only does it have a special charm but has that special glaze as well. It is one of the richest natural and durable fabrics. The best part is that fashion designers have favored linen to a large extent and thus come up with interesting cuts and colors to simple pants as well.

Even on a hot summer afternoon, pants made of linen works well due to its absorbent capacity. Did you know that the fabric is very light and allows air to pass through even in a damp situation? The fresh styles that are created in linen pants help fashion enthusiasts to switch to them.  Whether it is a formal or informal occasion, you should be rest assured that pants made of linen are always a superb option.

Another alternative that my husband, Luke enjoys to bits are mens sweatpants with pockets. Get settled for just hanging out a friend’s place, get ready to hit the gym or hit a class these sweatpants are always functional and useful. An open bottom and a drawstring waist help Luke to lounge around very comfortably.

Try either of the two fashionable options and you can be rest assured that you will be comfortable and look stylish too!

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